Tuesday, May 1, 2018


I wanted to express my CONGRATULATIONS to all of the students who took the time and effort to fill out an application, get a teacher recommendation, and go through the interview process for next year's AVID program.  We have an amazing AVID program here at Cope and next year it will include approximately 200 students!  We started with 95 students just a year ago!  The AVID teachers are EXCITED to meet you and look forward to helping you be a better student!!

Please CLICK HERE to RSVP for the May 30th Orientation & Celebration Pizza Night!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Week of April 30th

This week in 7th grade science, the students will be finishing up the human reproduction system.  We've been making our way through the major body systems, learning the parts, jobs, and functions... but more importantly, learning how they are connected in order for us to live!  Very soon, we'll be using all of this knowledge in our dissection unit as we learn about how the human body is similar and different to other organisms in the world around us.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Week of April 23rd

This week in 7th grade science, students will be learning about the circulatory system and how blood can be oxygenated with help from the lungs.  We'll talk a little bit about blood, then move ahead to our last system of the year - the Human Reproductive System.  We'll be learning about the male and female reproductive systems and how they work together to produce a baby.  We will be taking a very biological approach to this topic and for the purpose of the class, we'll be strictly talking about the reproductive capabilities of humans and how that is achieved.