Monday, November 13, 2017

Week of November 13th

This week students will be finishing up completion of their interactive science notebooks.  We have been wrapping up our unit on cells, DNA, and genetic engineering so to see the futuristic real world application of how this could affect real life, we'll be watching GATTACA.  The movie takes place in the "not so near future" and is based around the concept of designer babies - parents deciding to have a by and making a trip to their family geneticist.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Week of November 6th

This week in 7th grade science we'll be exploring DNA, the nucleus, and chromosomes.  On Wednesday, we'll be extracting DNA out of a (once) living substance - very cool process that the students will really love.  EXPECT A QUIZ this THURSDAY on our Cell Processes using Quizizz.  This will be the 9th time students would have taken this quiz and this week it counts!

Please ask your child to see their science notebook and quiz them on their notes: prokaryotic & eukaryotic cells, animal & plant cells, cell organelles, etc.

After learning about DNA, and what it does, we'll be spending about 2 weeks on our Genetics unit.  We'll have many activities and group projects during the next two week right up until the Thanksgiving break.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Week of October 30th

Happy Halloween!  This week in 7th grade science, we'll be jumping back in to the processes of the cell.  We will take a short detour this week as I will be out 3 days!  On Monday and Friday, we'll be exploring the organelles more and taking more Quizizz.