Monday, September 18, 2017

Week of September 18th

This week in science, the 7th grade students will be inventing and building a DIY Thermos in order to keep a hot drink HOT for the duration of the class period.  Students will be bringing in materials on Monday and Tuesday to build their creations in class, then on Wednesday we'll be testing them to see how they hold up.

Mr. Aceto LOVES coffee and I also love recycling and reusing. I thought I could reuse a 0.5L water bottle to bring my morning coffee from my house to school - but there's one problem - it gets too cold on the way to school.  I like my coffee HOT!  I need the students to develop a device, an invention, a DIY Thermos to keep my water bottle coffee cup hot all the way to school.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week of September 11th

This week in 7th grade science, we'll be reviewing the metric system with another TWO days of labs - this time, involving Gummy Bears!  The labs will take place on Wednesday and Thursday and students will be investigating the concept of volume.  Gummy Bears will be submerged into two different types of liquids (fresh water & salt water) and then their volumes compared with their lab partners.  After the lab is completed, students may either throw away their gummy bears or dispose of them in some sort of creative way!  However, I would NEVER eat them, but we are talking about middle school kids here!!  We'll be finishing up this week with one of our last science and engineering projects before we jump into a new type of 7th grade science - CELLS!!  More on that project to be posted later.